Students Make Waves!

We are excited to offer opportunities for schools and students to support the new aquarium at the Kansas City Zoo, and learn more about ocean conservation! You can win exciting prizes, too!
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How to get started

There's no need to sign up! There are lots of ways to participate, so choose the options below that best fit your school or classroom. Raise funds, complete conservation activities, or do both! When your efforts are done, submit the form at the bottom of this page.
Option 1

Get Involved In


Schools that raise more than $250 get a permanent plaque near the aquarium commemorating their gift!

The two schools that raise the most also get to name an animal in the aquarium!

Option 2

Get Involved In


Not only will you learn about the importance of our oceans, each classroom that participates will be entered into a drawing!

Two classrooms will be randomly selected to name an animal in the aquarium!

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When Your Efforts Are Complete

To be entered into the contests, complete this form to submit your fundraising and/or conservation activity results. This is where you will find information for submitting money raised and where you can upload photos of your activities. Contest deadline is May 1!
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